About us

We are a contemporary design studio specialising in interior design and involved in all stages of project development – from concept to completion. The studio is distinguished by its high-end design and expertise across various typologies, including residential and commercial projects.

Striving to provide tailored environments to each client, our dedicated team of designers has an inventive approach in terms of design, always in charge to deliver projects with distinctive character, combining aesthetics with maximum comfort and functionality.


Nicole Beschieru Interiors

My passion for design started from a very young age. I trained my brain to work like a sort of visual filter, collecting references from any angle of our culture.

Design means to me extracting the DNA of an idea and seeing what can be developed next. True luxury lies in knowledge of materials, textures, styles, and a strong commitment to the individuality of each client and how they experience an interior.

The interiors we create spring from creativity, inspiration and a journey to achieve. They mark the ultimate comfort, the art of pampering yourself, the indulgence.

our strengths


We create interiors full of character which seem in an effortless way to echo the tastes individuality of their owners.


We maintain an open and interactive relationship with our clients that develops into trust as we begin to explore ideas, respecting their needs and incorporating them with knowledge and experience into unique concepts.


Behind every project is an idea, behind every idea is a team of professional designers. We offer turnkey interior design and architecture services for both private and commercial sectors.

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